Washing instructions

The 100% cotton wraps from We Are Wovens will come to you unwashed. This means that you need to wash you baby wrap before the first use.

Gelukkig zijn de 100% draagdoeken gewoon in de wasmachine te wassen. Zet je programma op 30 graden en was hem met gelijke kleuren als je er nog iets bij doet. Let er wel op dat mocht je je wasmachine volstoppen het geen spullen zijn met scherpe randjes of ritsen. Dit kan in de doek blijven hangen en je wilt voorkomen dat er in je nieuwe draagdoek gelijk een haal zit.

Luckily, our baby wraps can simply be washed in the washing machine. Set your program to 30 degrees celsius and wash it with the similar colors if you add anything else to the load. Please note that if you add something, it is not stuffed with sharp edges or has zippers, As this can get stuck in the babywrap and damage the wrap.

After washing you will see that the color of the baby wrap becomes more intense. This is because the yarn is now really going to bloom.

Your wrap will become softer after a few washes and ironing a few times. 

We advise you not to put the wrap in the dryer. The baby wrap can withstand but will shrink extra. At a low setting it can even soften the babywrap.

So should your little baby spit up over it unexpectedly, or has your wrap landed on a dirty floor? Wash, iron and tie your baby wrap as often as you like.