Ring sling

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Would you like to be able to carry your child quickly and easily in a sling? Then a ring sling might be something for you.
This is a short woven wrap with 2 rings at the ends. Putting on a ring sling may take some practice. It seems very easy and fortunately it is after a few practice sessions. Then you will have mastered putting on the cloth in no time, or on the hip 😉

Use a wrap with rings

Practice with a doll or stuffed toy the first few times so that you memorize the steps of putting on the ring sling. If you are using the ring sling for the first time with your baby, it is best to do this at a calm moment.
Make sure the baby is not tired or hungry.

– You don’t have to tie a ring sling.
– Is quick and easy to use.
– Can be used right from birth.
– Is ideal for curious children.
– Fits in almost any bag, because it can be folded compactly.
– Can be worn on the stomach and on the hip.