Ring sling Linen Black

Ring sling  linen black – Green Choice

This beautiful linen ring sling beige will surprise you. The cloth tensions easily and the fabric has a natural look. The cloths are made of 100% linen. The finish with golden rings gives the cloth a luxurious look.

This Ring sling is approximately 240 gr / m2. The fabric slides into place easily. A delicious ring sling for the summer.


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Ring sling Linen Black- Green Choice

Would you like to be able to carry your child quickly and easily in a sling? Then a ring sling might be something for you. This is a short woven wrap with 2 rings at the ends. Putting on a ring sling may take some practice. It seems very easy and fortunately it is after a few practice sessions. Then you can easily put on a ring sling, or on the hip 😉

Beautiful and Strong! 

This We Are Wovens woven ring sling linen black wrap is ideal for all seasons. The cloth has an average thickness of 240 gr/m2. This makes the wrap very strong. The wrap tensions easily so that you can quickly carry your child close to you.

Our wraps are strong and immediately wonderfully soft

Even our 100% linen wraps are immediately soft! And linen gives a beautiful natural look. The nubs you see in the wraps are very normal and we love them.


The ring slings are wonderfully long and are more than 2.10 m. With this you can carry not only your newborn but also an older child with ease.

Use a wrap with rings

Practice with a doll or stuffed toy the first few times so that you memorize the steps of putting on the ring sling. If you are using the ring sling for the first time with your baby, it is best to do this at a quiet time. Make sure the baby is not tired or hungry. Do you still find it difficult to use a ring sling, or do you want to know how to make a ring sling? Follow the steps here (Website will follow soon)

  • You don’t have to tie a ring sling.
  •  Is quick and easy to use.
  •  Can be used right from birth.
  •  Is ideal for curious children.
  • Fits in almost any bag, because it can be folded compactly.
  • Can be worn on the stomach and on the hip.

Always ask a sling consultant to help you before you tie a sling or ring sling. For more information, or a consultant in your area.

How do you keep your ring sling beautiful

– Wash the ring sling before first use.
– Wash the ring sling by hand.
– If necessary, use detergent without bleaching agents.
– The ring sling cannot be put in the dryer.
– Most ring slings come out of the box wonderfully soft, ironing makes the cloth even softer.
– Always check the washing label on the cloth for further washing instructions.

Click here (website will follow soon) for tips and more information about washing your baby wrap. Would you like to chat in a group about We Are Woven’s wraps? click here: www.facebook.com


But if you have any questions, you can always send us a chat message on Facebook or e-mail ([email protected]). We are happy to help and will answer you as soon as possible.

Ring sling black linen


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