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Wrap knot in the FWCC

At first tying a wrap can be quite a challenge. The video below shows an instruction how to tie the FWCC (Front Wrap Cross Carry). As you can see, this is a wonderfully cuddly front carry that you can use from birth. This carry is easy to learn for beginners and experienced wearers.

How do you actually tie a wrap?

Before you tie your wrap for the first time, we advise you to book a consultation with a wrap consultant. You can find a baby sling consultant in your area via: https://draagoekconsulenten.nl/

They can teach you the ins and outs of wearing in the FWCC.

Before you start tying your child in the wrap, we recommend that you check the wrap for any defects.

Step by step instruction

  1. Start in the middle of the wrap (size 6) this is indicated with a centre or middle marker. Place it under your chest as is shown in the picture.
  2. Bring both wrap ends back and cross them on your back, then pull them forward over your shoulders. Make sure that the fabric of the wrap does not turn and twist on your back, otherwise tightening it later will be difficult.

  3. The ends of the wrap should hang over the front of your shoulders.

  4. Put your baby against your shoulder, as if to let him/ her burp. Let him/her lean against your body and gently bring his/her body down with the legs under the horizontal wrap lane, until you can kiss him or her on the forehead.
  5. Make a seat with the bottom of the horizontal wrap lane by placing it under the buttocks towards the baby’s navel. Make sure the knees are higher than the legs, as in an M position, also known as the frog position. 

  6. Bring the top of the horizontal wrap lane up to approximately the neck. If the baby is very small and the neck is unstable, bring the cloth a little higher so that you can make a nice neck roll later. As you do this, you continue to support the buttocks and back with the fabric and your forearm. The cloth now covers your baby from the neck to the buttocks.
  7. Now tighten the wrap ends that hang over your shoulders. Start with the lower fabric track (the one at the bottom of the cross). Start at the height of the ear and pull to the side. Keep the wrap tensioned and then grab the center of the cloth to do the same. Repeat this with the outside of the fabric. Keep a firm hold on  the tightened cloth in one hand under the legs and do the same with the other wrap end.
  8. Now make a cross under the baby’s buttocks, pull the cloth strips under the legs backwards towards your back. Make a double knot on your back.
  9. Make sure that the fabric runs neatly along the baby’s body. But never get an extra fabric track over the baby. For extra neck support, turn a burp cloth into a neck roll by rolling it into the upper sheet lane.

  10. Enjoy!

Any questions?

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